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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


The roof is your home’s first line of defense against weather-related damage, and it only takes a small breach to lead to significant issues. Whether you need a roof replacement, significant storm damage roof repairs, or just a few shingles replaced, you can count on JC Construction and Remodeling to provide flawless installations and roof repairs.



We know that choosing a siding contractor can be a bit uneasing. That’s why we offer free inspections. During the complimentary inspection we will provide a variety of siding options, give industry insights, and address any questions. 


A high level of detail and attention must be given to the framing work of any custom home. We are experts in residential wood framing and custom home building. We take pride in creating original design plans that perfectly suit the needs of our clients.



We are also skilled at handling any issues with drywall and can repair and repaint any part of your home. Water damage, holes caused by hanging artwork, damage during moving, and can not only make a wall look shabby, but can lead to further damage and even allow pests, moisture, and wind into your home. JC Construction and Remodeling can handle minor repairs and can replace entire sections of drywall as needed.


One of the main reasons homeowners decide to replace their windows is due to energy issues. They feel cold drafts sweeping through their rooms in the winter, and during the blazing hot summer months, it seems like the air conditioner can’t keep up.



We have put this knowledge into our methods of door construction to ensure quality custom wood door manufacturing that combines old world wood craftsmanship with current technology. While our doors are truly solid wood (no thin veneer over particle board) we have engineered stabilizing attributes into the doors construction.


Are you looking for a durable and attractive solution for your floors? Look no further than JC Construction and Remodeling! We are experts in the field of epoxy flooring and offer a wide range of services to enhance and protect your floors.

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